Crystal Recs Based off of Your Favorite Character! (Gryffindor Edition)

Once a month on a Friday far far away, I’ll be giving you witchy readers some crystal recommendations based off of your favorite character from a fictional world. I sure hope this goes well, because I know it seems kinda out there…but hey, if you’re here, just know that there is in fact a method to my madness. If nothing else, please enjoy the pictures of all the pretty crystals (that we may or may not be able to afford.)

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1.) Harry Potter (Carnelian)

Yup, Harry lovers should go and get themselves some Carnelian. A big part of the draw that Harry has is how incredibly resilient he is–overcoming childhood abuse and neglect, school bullies, and dealing with developing his own image even though The Daily Prophet tries to bully him into silence starting from the fourth book…and let’s not forget *ugh* Umbridge. Or the Dark Lord that tries to kill him literally every year. For those looking for some spare courage or help with understanding themselves and their own boundaries, look no further than Carnelian, my witchy readers. 

2.) Hermione Granger (Amazonite)

Bookworms, nerds, and outcasts alike have fallen in love with Hermione over the years. Why wouldn’t they? She was a fantastic role model, and if she had been the protagonist, Voldemort would’ve been killed off in the middle of the first book. Resourceful (a Slytherin trait, I know), self-righteous, and outspoken (even to a fault), Hermione could very well have been the first strong female character of many readers. And that is why Amazonite is such a good choice for the Hermione fans out there. It’s a crystal that promotes truth-telling, even if it might seem like a hard thing for you to do. Not only that, but it deals with helping you forgive yourself and others, because let’s be honest, if you like Hermione, you might have a weeeee bit of a stubbornness problem. Last but not least, it promotes unconditional love, because even strong, independent people need support.

3.) Ronald Weasley (Garnet)

Ron Weasley is a lot of things. He’s a great friend to Harry (well, except for when he’s jealous and can’t think straight), he is supportive of Hermione (once he stops thinking that the status quo for house elves is okay and sees it through her eyes), and I honestly think that his presence helped show Harry’s and Hermione’s strengths throughout the series. The biggest downfall that Ron had (in my humble opinion) was his very narrow-minded belief that good and bad are black and white. Throughout the series we see him exhibiting a huge bias against Slytherins, for instance. That’s why Garnet, a stone that is known for the amplification of energy and protection, would be a great fit for any witchy readers that admire Ron’s fierce protectiveness. Garnet is also known to help with eliminating limiting views and beliefs, and I think he could’ve used a touch of that as well.

4.) Neville Longbottom (Tiger’s Eye) 

So…tell me you’re a Hufflepuff without telling me you’re a Hufflepuff…Just kidding! But, if Neville is your favorite/comfort character, you are absolutely my favorite type of person.  He’s loyal, trustworthy, and deserved so much more than he got. I mean, I guess he diiiiiid get to cut off Nagini’s head. But still. I wish he would’ve been the one to kill Bellatrix in the movies. That would’ve been some great poetic justice. Aside from Neville appreciation, we do have to admit that he wasn’t so great at expressing himself, and his self-esteem really suffered with all the shit Snape put him through. If you relate to Neville, Tiger’s Eye is definitely a crystal you should look into, witchy reader. It’s known for helping those with problems with their self-esteem, and promotes the self-confidence to express yourself freely to others. (Read: if you need help with setting boundaries, this may be the crystal for you!)

 5.) Minerva McGonnagall (Black Tourmaline) 

Last but definitely not least, we have Professor McGonnagall. If you love her, I have a feeling you have the utmost respect for outspoken women who have an unwavering sense of fairness, and pride themselves on being independent and level-headed. Minerva McGonnagall exudes grounding energy, and that is why I believe black tourmaline would be such a great fit for you. It’s good for grounding and releasing negative emotions that you simply cannot hold onto any longer. Keeping all that in isn’t good for you, ya know! 

So, that’s it for this post! If you guys have any characters you would like me to touch on, please leave a comment about them! Want me to go over a different series? Tell me about it! Or, if you disagree with one of my crystal choices, you can also drop a comment to let me know! See you next time!

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