School for Spirits: A Dead Girl and a Samurai by Aron Lewes

Series: Book 1 of School for Spirits

Genres: Fiction, YA Fiction, Paranormal

Edition:  Ebook

Source: Free

Pages: 208

Rating: 4/5 stars

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Leigh Riley is three weeks away from her high school graduation when she’s suddenly crushed by a truck. She may be dead, but her education is far from over. Seventeen-year-old Leigh is inducted into the School for Spirits, where she learns how to be a spirit guide for mortals.

Leigh meets Alyx, her rebel roommate who just doesn’t care about the spirit guide stuff. Then Leigh develops a massive crush on an absurdly hot Archangel named Jophiel. Finally, she is assigned to a veteran instructor, Taishi Nakamura. The handsome samurai is quiet, strict and private, but Leigh is determined to crack his shell.

School For Spirits is a young adult paranormal romance. Due to some minor language, it is recommended for ages 13+.

So I really enjoyed School for Spirits, the story was a pretty cool concept for what happens in the afterlife. Some of the characterization was done really well too, like with the archangel Jophiel, I knew what he was about before it was even revealed to us by the author, mostly because of the way he was written. His actions made his motives make total sense.

However, the reason that this book for a 4/5 is because of the protagonist. She dies but she doesn’t really process it? Like…there was no scene where she really just thinks about the fact that she is dead. We get a glimpse of it when it comes to her family, but ONLY in regards to how much she’s going to miss them. I just feel like that’s really unrealistic…but what do I know, I’m still alive after all.

There were a few typos here and there, and they affected my reading a little bit, but it was never a huge problem.

Also, Aron Lewes, if you’re reading this (I really doubt it but still), you have my total and complete adoration for including an Asian man as a potential love interest. Us Asians need more sexy representations in media!

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  1. Aron Lewes says:

    Why wouldn’t you think I would read this? I am a small peanuts author. I search for my own name all too often. I’m glad you enjoyed School for Spirits, and I’m especially glad you enjoyed the Asian representation. 🙂 It’s something I do quite a lot, because, frankly, half of my crushes are gorgeous Asian men (and women, tbh). (Caylen McQueen is my secondary pen name and Shunya Shiraishi…. he’s so pretty; omg, please watch Good Morning Call) was my inspiration for Jun Shirashi)


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